Welcome To The New Hex Site

Written by Steve Johnson. Posted in News

As you can see, we've redesigned the Hex web site for the first time in quite a while. With the new version of the site, we've tried to account for the new ways people use gaming websites in the age of social media, which means getting rid of things like the dedicated forums that for the last few years have mainly only served as bait for spammers. We've also done our best to integrate the site with things like Facebook and Twitter. The slider on the right edge of page points to our social media pages (mouse over to see our latest posts) and the one on the left lets you share content on popular sites. You can also comment on most articles using your Facebook account below the article. 

We've completely upgraded our web store, most importantly by making print editions of many of our PDFs available here for the first time (with more coming soon). And now when you buy a print book, you automatically get the PDF download thrown in for free. We've also come up with a limited Pay What You Want system for some products. You can't name the exact price you want to pay, but you can choose to get the items for free, $1, $2.50, or $5. If you want to give us more, you can buy multiple copies. If you want to give us less than $1, just take the thing for free. By the time PayPal takes their cut, there's not enough left to worry with anyway. 

We built the new site from scratch, so you'll need to create a new user account even if you had one before. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Enjoy the new site!


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