The Comprehensive Soldier is Now Available

Written by Steve Johnson. Posted in News

For nearly two decades, one name has always stood apart in the field of Fantasy Adventure Role-Gaming: Qerth. After countless glorious Journeys into the Imagination™, though, Hex Games had to step away from Qerth for a bit. Let’s just say that we were resting; the rumors of lawsuits and vicious in-fighting are complete fabrications, and besides, the lawyers won’t let us say anything, so why not just pretend it didn’t happen? The important thing is that, at long last, Hex Games has returned to Qerth with the first in a new series of guides, The Comprehensive Soldier.

In the magical fantasy world known as Qerth, there are many Jobs, ranging from the flashy Cheesemaker, to the versatile Murderer, to the useless Knome. But one Job stands apart, central to the very fabric of the world yet often overlooked. We speak, of course, of the Soldier. The Soldier may seem boring at first glance, but take another look. Sometimes it’s refreshing to get inside the head of someone with the Soldier’s simple clarity of purpose: he just wants to kill some things and take their stuff. Deep down, isn’t that really what we all want?


The Comprehensive Soldier is a supplement for the Fantasy Adventure Role-Gaming classic Qerth: Apprentice Level Rules that includes all the extra material you could possibly need to play a Soldier, collected from across all rules editions, magazine articles, novelty candy packages, and other sources. Included are rules for character advancement, all the way up to God level; Competencies and Skins, for better customizing your Soldier character; new equipment, including weapons, armor, and contraceptives; a big list of monsters to kill; Soldier names; and more! 

The Comprehensive Soldier–as well as the QAGS rulebook, Qerth: Apprentice Level Rules, The Dungeon of Moderate Annoyance (Not Nearly as Bad as the Dungeon of Infinite Pain), and more—can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $4.99. 

The QAGS Qik Start Rules, which you will need to begin your Journey into the Imagination™, are available for download absolutely free at and the aforementioned PDF sales sites.

The Comprehensive Soldier is written by Qerth co-creator Steve Johnson, with artwork by sword & sorcery savant Joshua LH Burnett.

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