Hex Games Releases The MarmiCon Conundrum

Written by Steve Johnson. Posted in News

The MarmiCon Conundrum Cover To celebrate the 20thanniversary of QAGS, Hex Games has released the fantasy detective story The MarmiCon Conundrum.

Occult detective Ross Fulton and his assistant Ted have come to Indianapolis for MarmiCon, the largest gaming convention in the Midwest. Ross and Ted have to track down the elusive Franklin Fletcher, a game designer, con man, and Enochian mage, but they soon learn they’re not the only ones on his trail. Now Ross and Ted must outwit their rival, find Fletcher, and figure out why portals to other worlds are opening up throughout the convention. Plus, there’s the nagging question—what is Gotterdammerung Opus Maximus, the so-called “Ultimate Game”?

The MarmiCon Conundrum is an all-new novella that pays homage to the rich history of Hex Games, but you don’t need to know anything about Hex to enjoy the story. QAGS character stats are included, so you can run your own MarmiCon Conundrum RPG adventure.

The QAGS Qik Start Rules, as well as other games such as Hobomancer, Fratboys Vs., The Adventures of Sindbad, and Weird Times at Charles Fort High, are available at www.hexgames.comand at many RPG PDF sales sites.

The MarmiCon Conundrum is written by Leighton Connor, the co-founder of Hex Games, with a cover by Joshua LH Burnett.

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