Hex Games Releases American Artifacts: The Complete Collection

Written by Steve Johnson. Posted in News

Since the first volume’s release in 2010, the American Artifacts series has been one of Hex Games’ bestsellers. Now, Hex collects all 3 volumes plus new material into a single volume: American Artifacts: The Complete Collection!

Did you know that an angel wrote a history of the future on a series of silver tablets, and buried them in Alaska? That Thomas Edison designed a machine to communicate with the dead, Ben Franklin built a robot, and that one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars can shoot fire? Do you know why occultists are willing to pay top dollar for a shard of the plane Buddy Holly died in?

American Artifacts: The Complete Collection gives full descriptions of 66 magical items uniquely suited to the New World. Some are objects from American history, like Crispus Attucks's musket ball, or from pop culture, like Clint Eastwood’s poncho. Some were created by wizards who act like scientists, and some by scientists who act like wizards; artifacts like William Faulkner’s pocket watch and Nikolai Tesla’s ray gun blur the line between magic and science. All 66 artifacts are suitable for use in a wide variety of games. Each entry includes a description of the artifact, background information, and game mechanics. A detailed timeline is also included, that offers a clear overview of the occult history of America. 

This volume collects the entire contents of the PDF releases American Artifacts, American Artifacts 2, and American Artifacts 3. This is the complete edition, in print for the first time, with six never-before-seen artifacts. 

American Artifacts: The Complete Collection is 100% made in America, edited by Leighton “Cincinnati” Connor and Carter “Nashville” Newton, with art by Jeffrey “St. Louis” Johnson. 

American Artifacts: The Complete Collection–as well as the QAGS rulebook, Hobomancer, the first two American Artifacts books, and more--can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $10. You can also purchase the print edition from DriveThruRPG or the Hex website for just $19.99. 

American Artifacts: The Comple Edition is 100% made in America, edited by Leighton “Cincinnati” Connor and Carter “Nashville” Newton.

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