Hex Releases Suicide's Run: A Tale of the Hobomancers

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Hex Games is proud to announce the publication of Suicide’s Run: A Tale of the Hobomancers, the first-ever novel based on the award-winning game Hobomancer. Suicide’s Run is a fast-paced race that will leave the smell of coal smoke in your nose and the sound of the whistle singing in your ears. It is written by Hobomancer co-creator Carter Newton and features illustrations by Jeffrey Johnson.

A nation mired in the Great Depression elects a new president. Some men, supposedly “America's elite,” fear his reforms. They have a plan to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt and replace him with a dictator they control. 

One man has the power to stop this dastardly plot. Unfortunately, after a failed suicide attempt, Jakob’s woken up in a hobo camp with no way to tell what he knows. His only hope - America's only hope - are the hobomancers, train hopping hobo wizards defending the world against monsters and evil. 

In their way stand a corrupt wizard, vindictive robber barons, sadistic private eyes, and creatures who know only fire and death. The last hope to save themselves, to save the Union, and maybe the world, is SUICIDE'S RUN! 

Suicide’s Run is a complete standalone novel based in the same world as the Hobomancer RPG; you do not need any familiarity with the game to enjoy the novel. For those who play the Hobomancer game, though, there is plenty of rich material that will help flesh out your game world, as well as game stats for the novel’s major characters. 

Suicide’s Run—as well as Hobomancer, the Hobomancer Companion, American Artifacts, and more—can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $10. 

Learn more about Hobomancer at To see more of Jeffrey Johnson’s work, visit his blog at and his Etsy shop at


Hex Games Releases GILGAMESH!: The Lost Tablets

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Hex Games has just released GILGAMESH!: The Lost Tablets, a companion to the 2012 release GILGAMESH!, an epic adventure based on the world’s oldest epic.

If you’ve played the game GILGAMESH!, you know the story of the legendary Gilgamesh’s quest to find the secret of immortality, and his epic journey past the ends of the world and into the realm of the gods. But now, for the first time, you can learn how Gilgamesh befriended the wild man Enkidu. Watch as Gilgamesh and Enkidu venture into the Forest of Cedar to battle Humbaba, the most horrible monster in the world! See Gilgamesh and Enkidu defend their city from the Bull of Heaven, and witness the punishment the gods rain down on them!   

GILGAMESH!: The Lost Tablets is a supplement to the adventure GILGAMESH!, which is designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules. The Lost Tablets gives GMs the tools they need to incorporate additional scenes into the adventure, to run a prequel game, or even to create an ongoing campaign. It includes a summary of the first eight tablets of The Epic of Gilgamesh, GM Notes for each tablet, and game stats for Enkidu, Ishtar, Humbaba, and more.

GILGAMESH!: The Lost Tablets–as well as the QAGS rulebook, GILGAMESH!, The Hobomancer Companion, and more--can be purchased in PDF form at or at other fine online vendors for just 99 cents.

The QAGS Qik Start Rules are available for download at, absolutely free.

GILGAMESH!: The Lost Tablets is written by Leighton (Beowulf Vs. Grendel) Connor and illustrated by Joshua (Bernie the Flumph) Burnett.


Registration Trouble?

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For some reason our confirmation emails aren't always getting through, especially to users with Yahoo, MSN, and Hotmail email addresses. If you don't get a confirmation email, let us know via the contact form and we'll activate your account as soon as we get a chance. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Dynateens: Surf Force On Sale Now

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In the early 90s, Chick Sabine of Sabine Entertainment decided the world needed a new show made by splicing together clips from a Korean action program with original content featuring hip young actors. Over the next two decades Dynateens spawned a dozen follow-up shows, all using the same formula that made the original such a hit.

Now in 2014, the latest show, Dynateens: Surf Force, is set to debut on Amerinet's affiliate channel, Bijou, as part of its Saturday night Action Hour. And Hex Games is proud to announce that they have produced the only officially licensed RPG based on this surefire hit!

When the evil forces of Megalodon the Mighty threaten the submarine city of New Atlantis, a team of super-powered teenagers, the Dynateens, arise to meet that threat. But are they strong enough to defeat the Great Shark menace and save humanity?

Dynateens: Surf Force is a game designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules that allows you to recreate the action, aquatic adventure, and thrills of the eagerly-anticipated new show. It includes background on the setting, rules for creating Dynateen characters, genre tropes, sample characters, adventure templates, character sheets, and more!

Dynateens: Surf Force–as well as the QAGS rulebook, Sharktoberfest, The Hobomancer Companion, and more--can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $4.99.

The QAGS Qik Start Rules, which include all the rules you need to play Dynateens: Surf Force, are available for download at, absolutely free.

Dynateens: Surf Force is written by Ian “DynaRed” Engle and illustrated by Joshua “Great White” Burnett, with a cover by James Hornsby.

Go go, Dynateens! 

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