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Welcome to a world split in two, where women live in harmony in their own country while men live across the sea in a society of their own. The society of women seems perfect, but what is the true cost of their luxury and peace? There is a war going on, but it is a war of secrecy, hidden from the public view. And if that doesn't draw you in, how about this: all of the PCs must be female. 

This setting, designed for use with the QAGS 2nd Edition rules, is the perfect choice for players who want a role-playing challenge, crossdressers, and transsexuals, as well as GMs who want to mix it up a little or force their players to be a little more compassionate.

Herland includes detailed descriptions of the Greater North American government and society, as well as the Underground rebellion, rules for playing both sides, tips and optional rules for playing an all-female campaign with male players, plot ideas for your campaign, an introductory adventure, sample Words and GMCs, and hilarious generalizations about the fairer sex.

Herland is written by Megan LeBoeuf and illustrated by Veronica Pare. 

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