Artists' Guidelines

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Hex Games is always on the lookout for talented artists. If you're interested in providing illustrations for one of our upcoming releases, follow the guidelines here.

What We're Looking For
We are looking for artwork that will suit our products. Since our products cover a wide range of genres, with a wide range of tones, we look for a variety of art styles. A humorous game about talking vegetables is going to look different from a grim cyberpunk game. So whatever your style, there is a chance we may have a project that's right for you.

Obviously, we want artwork that looks good. This is largely a matter of personal taste, of course, but we know what we like. In general we prefer artwork that has a distinctive style to it, instead of artwork that looks like everyone else's. The artists we love always bring visual flair to their work, no matter the tone or style.

Our covers are in color, but everything else is in black and white. Mostly we need black and white ink drawings that will reproduce well. We are open to drawings that have been computer enhanced, such as with grayscale shading, but we generally do not want uninked pencil drawings.

Contacting Us
If you want to work for us, you need to show us some samples of your work. The easiest way to do this is to send our creative department a link to your online portfolio. If you don't have an online portfolio—and really, you should consider creating one—you will need to send samples. It's best to choose 3-5 pieces that show your style at its best. Don't worry about showing us everything you can do. If you specialize in drawing robots, send robot pictures. If you specialize in fantasy scenes, send those. Show us work you're proud of. And remember, these are just samples, so don't send giant files. Send reasonably sized JPGs, or other common file formats, that show off your artwork.

The Next Step
If the creative department likes your work, they will let you know, and will put your name on file. We will keep you in mind for when a project comes along that suits your art style. Unfortunately, due to the nature of RPG publishing, there is no telling how long this will take. It all depends on how the upcoming release schedule matches up with your strengths as an artist.

Once the right project comes along, we will e-mail you and let you know. We understand that you may not be available, due to other commitments. If that's the case, just say so, and we will keep your name on file. We would always rather someone decline an offer than accept and back out later. If you are available, though, you will be assigned a list of pictures and given a deadline. We will need your illustrations in order to complete layout and release the product, so it is crucial that you are able to meet your deadlines. If you do not meet the deadline we may not use the art, which means you won't get paid.

The Terms
You will retain ownership of the work you create, and will be able to use it or sell it as you see fit. Hex buys the rights to use your artwork in PDF and print versions of that specific product, and for promotional purposes. The only exception is for product logos, which we purchase outright. 

If a drawing is rejected, because it does not meet Hex standards or because it is not what we asked for, Hex will not pay for it. If we commission a piece and then decide not to use it, we will pay for it and will reserve the right to use the drawing in a future product. Sometimes artists get carried away and send in extra illustrations that we did not specifically request. In this case, we will pay for the art only if we decide to use it.

Payment is made 30 days after the release of the product or 90 days after the delivery of the art, whichever comes first.

Hex Games pays $6 for each interior illustration. We know you're worth more than that but, as we said, we are a small company.

We pay $20 for each front cover illustration, assuming that we provide coloring. If you color the cover yourself, we pay $50 for the cover. For back covers we pay $5 if we provide the coloring, and $10 if you provide the coloring. 

We pay $15 for product logos. 

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