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KnomesMembers of the Demo Team are called Knomes (an old joke that is explained in the Qerth Apprentice Level rulebook). These fans of Hex Games help spread the word by running game demos, helping out at the Hex Games booth at conventions, and doing anything else they can think of to promote Hex Games.

The most important duty of a Knome is to help spread the word about Hex Games. There are many ways you can do this: traveling door-to-door; preaching on street corners; running classified ads in your local paper; even skywriting. While these methods sometimes work, the average man (or woman) on the street simply isn't interested in anything as geeky as role-playing. Because of this, we’ve found you get better results if you pimp our games to people who already role-play. A few of the more effective methods are listed below.

  • Run Hex games at a convention. Actually, run three or four (that's enough for free admission at most cons).

  • Get on a convention panel about gaming. Mention Hex as often as possible.

  • Tell your role-playing friends about our products. If they seem interested, offer to run a game for them.

  • Run a Hex demo at your local game store.

  • Distribute Hex promotional flyers and the like to game stores and at conventions.

  • When you visit a new game store, ask if they carry Hex products. If they don't, tell them why they should (and how to contact us).

  • Write a review of (or article about) one of our products for your favorite gaming publication or web site.

  • Tell people online about us, where appropriate. (Don't just jump on some random forum and start posting "PLAY QAGS", but if someone asks for ideas about what game system to use for their upcoming game, give us a plug).

  • Knome Initiation Rituals

    Ask your favorite gaming sites to add the Hex web site to their links page. While you're at it, link us from your personal home page.

  • Add a link to the Hex page to your signature file(s).

  • Tattoo the Hex logo and web address on your forehead (Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme.)

In return for your their hard work, Knomes in good standing occasionally receive exclusive adventures, special offers or even free products through the Hex site, and whatever other perks we can think of. We'll also provide you with prize support for your demos. 

If you're interested in being a Knome (or you're already promoting Hex in a non-Knomish capacity), contact Outreach Director Ian Engle
 and let him know how you'd like to help. 

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