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Most Hex print products are available to retailers through Indie Press Revolution. If you're just looking to fill a special order for a customer or stock a few books, they may be a better option for you since you can order products from many other small press companies with a single order. If you're looking to stock a larger selection of Hex books or just prefer to deal with the manufacturer directly, our terms are as follows.  

In order to qualify for retailer terms, you have to prove to us that you're an actual brick and mortar retail store and not a consumer who sells games out of his garage. We prefer that you send us a photo of your store front (make sure that the name of the store appears somewhere in the picture), but will accept other reasonable forms of proof at our discretion. In general, we are not interested in selling to web-only stores. There is no minimum order.

Retailers who order direct from Hex Games get a 45% discount (in other words, you pay 55% of the cover price). For orders with a total retail value of $250 or more, the discount goes up to 50%.

Shipping for retailer orders is estimated at the time the order is placed based on the number of books ordered and the going rate for your preferred method of shipping. If the total retail value of your order is $250 or more, we cover the shipping. 

All orders must be pre-paid by check, money order, or PayPal. Check orders will not be shipped until the check clears.  

Large Orders
Hex is a very small company with (usually) very small print runs. QAGS Second Edition and Spooky: The Definitive Guide to Horror Gaming were printed back before Print on Demand, so we've probably got as many of those as you could ever want. If you're planning on ordering a large quantity (more than 12 or so) of one of our other books, we recommend that you contact us before placing the order to make sure we have enough books in stock.

 If you have questions about these terms or would like to place an order, contact our sales department. 

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