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The most widely-known references to Leviathan are a few scraps of Sumerian myth (in which the creature is called Tiamat) and some faint allusions in the Bible. These sources tell us that long ago, before Earth formed, an unspeakably vast creature called Leviathan dominated the cosmos. No one knows how long his domination lasted, or why it ended, but at some remote point Leviathan was banished outside the universe, primal chaos gave way to order, and the world as we know it arose. Most scholars aren’t aware that there are older texts handed down from the earliest human societies, texts that lay out horrible truths about Leviathan. The texts tell of seven gemstones that each contain a fragment of Leviathan's essence. These stones could be used to summon the spawn of Leviathan, such as the demon Abbaddon, and devastate the Earth.

Throughout history there have been lunatics and mystics dedicated to locating the seven stones, but it was not until 1849 that Markus Derth founded the Acolytes of Leviathan to systematically pursue the goal. The Acolytes believe that the currently existing natural laws are an affront to the universe's original, chaotic state of being. They are dedicated to summoning the spawn of Leviathan and preparing the Earth for Leviathan's return. They believe that it is only a matter of time before the stars are in alignment, at which point they will perform the appropriate rituals and open a gateway for Leviathan. Unfortunately this event would mean the destruction of all life on Earth, as well as the cosmos.

In 1927 the Acolytes thought the time had come, and were preparing to bring their activities to fruition. A small band of civilians, including A.J. Farmer and Sadie Witterstadt, thwarted their plans. After this defeat the Acolytes adopted a lower profile, and over the decades they added hundreds of members around the globe. In 1969 the Acolytes created a front organization, the Children of the Cosmic Mother, to draw in impressionable New Age spiritualists. The Children’s sugarcoated message of creativity, spontaneity, and hedonism has drawn in thousands of members to date.

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