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Five years ago Mr. Clooney, an A-list celebrity, was at a swank Hollywood party when the mansion was attacked by a pack of werewolves. Most of the beautiful people there did stupid things, and were eaten or badly mauled as a result. A few, led by Clooney, fought back. Clooney lost his right hand during the battle when he faced the alpha wolf alone in order to buy the others time.

Agent clooney.jpg

Fortunately, M-Force arrived before Clooney, unconscious from blood loss, could be eaten by the wolves. He spent the next month building a safe room in preparation for his first transformation into a werewolf, but the transformation never came. After visiting numerous occultists, gurus, and even Scientologists, Clooney discovered that his non-lycanthropic state was due to an innate magic resistance that protected him from the disease.

Shortly after solving his existential crisis, Clooney joined M-Force. When asked about his new line of work on a popular nightly entertainment show, Clooney (truthfully) told the interviewer that he'd asked everyone at the M-Force Academy to think of him has just "Agent Clooney," not a world-famous actor. The sound bite got replayed everywhere, and eventually became a running gag. When Clooney starred in M-Force: The Movie, he was billed as "and Agent Clooney as Himself."

In the past few years, Agent Clooney has taken fewer and fewer acting and directing gigs in order to focus on protecting humanity from monsters. When the previous Agent In Charge of the Hollywood office retired, Clooney stepped up to take the job.

Agent Clooney
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Actor (13)

M-Force Agent In Charge, Hollywood Office (13)

Magic Resistance (13)

Famous (15)

Magic Resistance (13) (Prevents him from benefiting from helpful magic)

Famous (15)

Other Game Information
Clooney has an experimental, very high-tech robotic hand made by AshCo Biotech. It gives him a +2 bonus on all rolls in which a strong grip is helpful, but -2 for any roll that involves fine motor control of the right hand. The hand also has a +2 damage bonus for punching attacks. If the hand is lost or damaged, the GM should apply appropriate penalties.
Directing +3

Sport +2

Cards +1

M-Force Operations +2

Tag Line "Alright monster killers, let's kills some monsters!" WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Born in Lexington, KY George Clooney
Optional secret background: Though he is unaware of the fact, Agent Clooney is actually the Norse God Tyr. When the collective unconscious was downsized (see "Gods for Hire" in the Fantasy Qik Start Genre Guide, QAGS 2E rulebook), Tyr chose to be reincarnated on earth with no memory of his previous life as a deity. His divine heritage is the reason he is naturally resistant to magic.

If the Tyr secret origin is used, any opponent that Agent Clooney faces in single melee combat suffers a -2 penalty to all attack rolls. Furthermore, any canine of supernatural origin encountered will focus its attacks on Clooney whenever possible. Normal dogs do not seem to hold any special grudge against the former deity.

--Steve 01:39, 4 July 2010 (UTC)

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