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Head of Maritime Operations, New Orleans Office

Amos "Skipper" Dupree is the younger brother of The Dupree Twins, and at first appears to be just as much of a backwater swamp rat as his brothers. Once he starts talking, though, some people wonder how he could be even distantly related to Homer and Virgil. He is very well-spoken and has only the slightest trace of an accent, most of which he lost while working on his PhD in Marine Biology at Duke University.

After getting his doctorate, Amos was awarded a fellowship at M-Force's Triangle Research Center, where he developed a system for determining likely areas of oceanic monster activity by tracking the migration patterns of sea turtles. When he was offered a teaching position at Tulane, he returned to New Orleans. He stayed with M-Force and served on The Handsome Bandit's crew, eventually working his way up to captain of the vessel. In 2008, he took over as Head of Maritime Operations, though he still teaches and does some research work.

Amos loves ships and the sea and can often be found on his fishing boat, The Wandering Stranger. At least once a year, he spends a few weeks at sea on any boat that'll let him pay or work for a ride, whether it's a research vessel, a cruise ship, or a long-range fishing boat. He also, not surprisingly, loves pirates.

Amos is happily married to Cynthia Kirkland, an English professor at New Orleans University. They have two children, nine-year-old William and six-year-old Angela.

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