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Members of the Superbly Subpar Hall of Cosmonauts! This "super" team formed during the "Crisis in Paradigm City" that came with the departure and imprisonment of the Paradigm Nine and the resulting void in heroic vigilantes. The team's name was supposed to be an homage to one of it's members former status as a Russian Cosmonaut, but unfortunately became colloquially inappropriate. Some of its members, due to a serious of unfortunate events, became members of the HandyCapes after the crisis was over.

The founding members of the team include it's namesake Space Monkey, Captain Condom, El Taquito Loco, Jetsam, and Hobo Harley. Along with the member Revolution, this line-up would become the "core" hall members.

New members of the team, sometimes referred to as New Nauts, include the heroes Montage Man, Mister Menthol, the Polecat Bastard, and the Limestone Cowboy.

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