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The Shadow Guild is a loose coalition of monsters centered in Greenwood, Mississippi, and organized by the werewolf Zack Willoughby. Early in his life Bridgeport renounced the Sons of Lycaos (see below) and embraced his savage side, devouring humans with great relish. In 1998 he narrowly survived a run-in with M-Force that left the rest of his pack dead. He spent the next few years nursing his wounds and planning revenge. Realizing he could not face M-Force alone, Willoughby decided to raise an army. So far he has managed to recruit hundreds of members--including werewolves, demons, goblins, aswangs, demi-gods, hyper intelligent cats, and imps--into his Guild. Though the Guild is made up of intelligent monsters, they are not above using mindless creatures to further their goals, and so have zombies, sea serpents, and Electric Linguine at the ready.

Willoughby’s unlikely attempt to organize the creatures of the night would be doomed to failure if not for the monsters’ common goal--to, in Willoughby's words, “Dethrone the imposter humans and take our rightful place as rulers of the Earth.” So far the Guild has spent its time making preparations, but soon they will make their move. When that day comes, the Guild’s raw power, coupled with cunning and evil intelligence, will make it a serious threat to all of humankind.

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