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There are many types of spell-casters in the world, from Godis to Enochians, from Wiccans to bokors, and all of them have different beliefs and goals. Since these various types of mages all have the power, at one level or another, to reshape reality itself, any conflict between groups could be dangerous for everyone involved. So the spell-casters of the world long ago established the Council of Mages as an independent governing body. There are always seven members of the Council, each member coming from a different occult tradition. Openings become available only when a Council member dies or steps down. New members are chosen on the basis of spell-casting ability, as judged by the Council. The Council maintains the fragile peace between different groups, and acts swiftly to try and punish those renegades who threaten the magical status quo.

The Council rarely concerns itself with issues outside of the spell-casting community. They tend to ignore human affairs, and at times their actions may seem immoral to outsiders. In the event of world-shattering emergencies like the coming of Leviathan, however, the Council will do whatever is necessary to preserve Earth and its inhabitants.

Yarko the Great currently serves on the Council of Mages.

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