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Watch Officer, New Orleans Office

Don Shires was already easing into a mid-life crisis in 2007 when his job as a mid-level call center manager was outsourced to India. A few weeks into his search for a new job, Don saw an advertisement for M-Force and decided that it was time for a change: He'd become a monster hunter! Don visited the New Orleans office, signed up, and began his training.

It soon became apparent that Don was not really cut out for field work. It wasn't that he was incompetent--he knew what he was supposed to do, and was even a respectable marksman (when he remembered to take the safety off). He was just kind of hapless. He was the guy who always sneezed as the team was sneaking up on a monster, sprained his ankle getting out of the truck, or got flustered and forgot to reload during a firefight. After a few missions, Rick offered Don a full-time position as Watch Officer, in part to keep him from getting himself or someone else injured in the field. Once he got over the disappointment of "retiring" from active-duty monster hunting, Don settled into his new job nicely. Don is desperate to fit in, and sometimes tries a little too hard. Still, he's a nice enough guy, and most agents let him have the illusion that he's "one of the guys."

Don enjoys working for M-Force, but isn't entirely comfortable with his wife, Laura, being the breadwinner in the family. She's a loan officer at a local bank, and for over a year now Don has suspected that she's having an affair with (as Don's co-workers know him) "that bastard Bill Draper" (her boss). Don always thought that Laura could have done better, and is absolutely terrified that she'll leave him as soon as their son, Kirk, leaves for college in a few years.

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