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Intern, New Orleans Office

Dylan Spicer is a second-year Sociology grad student at the University of New Orleans whose thesis is about the impact of monsters on modern urban centers. He started an internship with M-Force during the second semester of 2010. Over the summer, he attended M-Force Academy in Caledonia (on his parents' dime), but he has not officially joined M-Force as an agent, which means he isn't allowed to participate in potentially dangerous missions. Dylan's failure to become an official member of M-Force is intentional. His interest in monsters is mostly academic, and he has very little desire to actually get close enough to fight one of them. Although he occasionally tags along on patrols and investigative or follow-up missions, his internship mainly consists of manning a few Watch shifts a week and helping out with paperwork and other day-to-day office duties.

Dylan the only child of an upper-class New Orleans family (his father is a local Judge) and his main reason for staying in school is that his parents will continue to support him until he graduates. He's a slightly above-average student but otherwise a completely typical member of his age group. He has absolutely no idea what he's going to do when he graduates.

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