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Equipment Manager, New Orleans Office

Gabe Baptiste has been a member of the New Orleans M-Force office since before there was a New Orleans M-Force office. He joined M-Force after leaving the army in 1960, when the organization still operated out of Sadie Widderstadt's guest house. He knew all the founding members of M-Force personally, and it's not hard to convince him to share stories about the old days with with " Mista Henry" and " That Mulligan Sum' Bitch."

Gabe was at headquarters when the Slugs attacked, and was a strong supporter of Mike Mulligan's full-scale war on the creatures. When M-Force got wind of a Slug command center in his home town of New Orleans, Gabe helped to establish a base of operations. Once the Slugs were destroyed, Gabe decided to stay in town, but continued to work with M-Force when monsters were spotted in the area. When M-Force opened its New Orleans office, Gabe was one of the first agents to sign up.

During his years as a part-time M-Forcer, Gabe held a number of day jobs, including bartender, fry cook, construction worker, blues musician, black jack dealer, and cab driver. In 1987, he joined M-Force full time, and in 1996 he took over the job of equipment manager. Although he's always had a reputation for being overprotective of supplies, since Katrina he's been downright stingy with them.

Gabe has always had a thick Creole accent, and as he's gotten older he's become harder and harder to understand, even to those who know him. While he misses field work, Gabe realizes that even if his eyesight and hearing were what they used to be, he's still way too old to be out hunting monsters.

Gabe lives alone in senior citizen's apartment complex in the Upper Ninth Ward. In his spare time, he likes to gamble (mostly playing the slots), play dominoes with his neighbors, and watch professional wrestling on TV. From time to time, he still works as a street musician or takes a bar gig to make a few extra bucks. Gabe's wife died in the 1990s and all but one of his children live out of state, but he has a lot of distant relatives who live in or near the city.

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