Graveyard Walkin' Ambrose Limekiller

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Ambrose is a short man, barely 5'6", with round spectacles. He's clean-shaven and dresses mostly in greys, browns and greens. His hands are often dirty from mucking about in graveyards.

Graveyard Walkin’ Ambrose Limekiller
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Hobomancer (12)

Graverobber (2)

Uncanny Extra Sensory Perception (13)

Hide in Plain Sight (8)

GM Hates You (9)

Enemy (the demon-ghost Zeter'ech) (8)

Other Game Information
Hobo Power: Haint Caller

Vow “Lay every ghost to rest.”

The Blues 0

Bad Mojo 0

The 36 Stratagems of Ancient China +2

Demonology +2

Tag Line “Kill with a borrowed sword." WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Grave robbed three gangsters, Albert Anselmi, John Scales, and Joseph “Top Toad” Giunta, after they were murdered by Al Capone on May 7th, 1929. Gary Burghoff
Ambrose was a screw-up, wandering from job to job with no real plan. Then he literally fell into grave robbing.

One night, he was drunk and passing through a graveyard when he fell into an open grave.

The two guys digging up the grave were taking a smoke break. They rushed over and were going to bury him in the dead body’s place when he convinced them that he’ll be a better grave robber to them than a dead man.

They took him back to their boss and he got another shock, his new boss was a demon, the demon Zeter’ech.

He worked for the demon for nearly 5 years, realizing quite early that the end result would be his death. He avoided the various purges that the demon used to cull his followers, while making his plans to escape by killing that evil thing and studying everything he could on demons.

Along the way, he realized that the souls, as well as the bodies, of the newly dead he was robbing were feeding the demon and that he was partially responsible for it.

The standard solution was simply banishing the demon. Not ideal, since Zeter’ech had plenty of followers who’d just wait the requisite time then summon him again and then Ambrose would be hunted down and killed.

So he delved deeply into his demonology study to find a better option. And he found one — binding the demon into an object.

When Treefrog Neck Felix showed up to put Zeter’ech down, there was a big fight. Zeter’ech cursed Treefrog Neck Felix with hellhounds and Ambrose took that moment to put his plan into action.

Unfortunately, his act, coupled with Treefrog Neck Felix’s banishing ritual, had an effect no one, least of all the demon, expected: Zeter’ech was turned into a demon-ghost, trapped on Earth, but trapped without his full demon powers.

Ambrose escaped with Treefrog Neck Felix and became his apprentice. Now he wanders the U.S. trying to make amends for his past demonic association while trying to avoid that demon.

(Character built using 100 YY)

Created by User:BabbageCliologic

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