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Logging In and Out

In order to log into the Hex Wiki, you'll need to log in to the Hex Games Home Page and follow the link to the Wiki. To log out of the Wiki, you have to log out on the main hex page (If you've been timed out of the Hex page, log in and then log back out to log out of the Wiki). The link at the top of the Wiki doesn't work.

Character Stats

In order to include character stats that will be themed to look like a character sheet, copy the code from the Sample character, insert it into your page, and replace the place holders with information about your character. The blank lines in the Job, Gimmick, Weakness, and Skills section are necessary for the page to format correctly. Delete the "Job 2 (XX)" and similar placeholders that you don't use. If you do not have any information to include in a field (such as Other Game Information), leave the part before the "=" sign and delete the placeholder text.

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