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Chopper Pilot, New Orleans Office

Homer Dupree is the guy most people think of when they hear the phrase "Bayou Redneck." He and his twin brother, Virgil, run a company called Bayou Tours. They specialize in acting as swamp guides for outdoorsmen, but also run wildlife tours and deep-sea fishing trips during tourist season and operate a charter helicopter service. Homer is the pilot and spokesperson. Virgil handles the boats.

The Dupree brothers first became familiar with M-Force when their younger brother, Amos, told them about his work with them during a Christmas visit. A few months later, they applied to become part-time agents.

Homer is the kind of loud, fun-loving good ole boy who means well but can grate on the nerves. He's never been married, but has been involved in a handful of extended shack-ups, most of which have ended badly (a few with gunfire). He's a fan of NASCAR and the New Orleans Saints.

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