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Jack Magee was born and raised in Australia. After a brief stint in the army, Jack hooked up with a band of mercenaries and spent several years traveling the world and meeting, guarding, and shooting all sorts of interesting people. After a job went to hell in South America, Jack found himself stranded in Brazil with no job, no friends, and less than 100 rounds of ammo.

In desperation, Jack answered an ad for human guinea pigs in the back of a popular mercenary magazine. The experiment involved experimental (and questionably legal) cybernetic implants, but the good folks at JuanCo assured Jack that the procedures had been very successful in monkeys and that all the doctors who would perform the surgeries had attended medical school. When it was all said and done, Jack was the proud owner of numerous reasonably state-of-the-art (if buggy) cybernetic enhancements. JuanCo started setting up "test missions" for Jack throughout the region and, after the company sunk most of its money into a failed weather control device, Jack became their primary source of income. Or he would have, if the cost of maintaining his cyberwear didn't eat up most of the money they made renting him out to various revolutionary groups and Third World dictators.

Fortunately for Jack, the Northwind Corporation inadvertently acquired JuanCo in one of its business deals and Ian Gallownorth decided to update Jack's hardware and make him part of the company's start-up super-team, Northwind. Jack quickly become the public face of the new team and a celebrity throughout the Pacific Rim (at least if you ask Jack).

Jack Magee
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Soldier of Fortune (12)
Media Darling (11)

On Board Computer (13)

Glory Hound (15)

Faulty Wiring (14)

Other Game Information
Jack's sub-dermal armor gives him an Armor Rating of 4. His cybernetic limbs give him a +2 Damage Bonus to all unarmed attacks. His scientifically enhanced eyeballs function as night-vision goggles.

On-Board Computer: The computer in Jack's brain includes a global positioning satellite and storage space for files that Jack can view via a display on the inside of his sunglasses. Files can also be uploaded or downloaded by plugging a USB into the slot behind Jack's left ear.

Faulty Wiring: Jack's hardware is first-generation cybernetics and removing the core brain interface hardware would probably kill Jack. As a result, the original hardware does not always work properly with the new hardware and software. It's kind of like trying to run windows and an HP printer on a computer build around a souped-up Commodore 64. Also, Jack regularly confuses fantasy (especially comic books) with reality. Northwind scientists have yet to determine whether this is a hardware issue or a result of multiple invasive brain surgeries, some of them performed by doctors who did not necessarily graduate from medical school.

Thrilling Heroics +3

Smartgun Link +2

Enhanced Senses +1

Comic Book Trivia +2

Surfing +1

Tag Line "Don't worry folks! Jack Magee is here!" WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Terrified that the Red Skull will send War Wheels after him. Jesse Spencer

--Steve 03:44, 8 July 2010 (UTC)

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