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When Katina was ten, her parents handed her over to an obscure cult who thought she was the destined to become some sort of messiah. The cult trained Katrina in magic for 4 years before realizing that they’d made a small mathematical error in the star charts and gotten the wrong girl. The cult set her free but her parents, who were major league new age whackos, didn’t want anything to do with a daughter who wasn’t the savior of all mankind. Katina, now homeless, was adopted by a group of Discordians who taught her to combine her occult powers with her vast knowledge of trivia. During this time, Katina became known as “The Wicked Witch of East Jersey City.” After a few years, the Discordians began to bore (and annoy) Katina, so she headed to New York City. In New York, she shared and apartment (well, technically an abandoned boxcar, but you get the point) with a girl named Trinket. Through a series of events that aren’t fully understood (even by the people involved), Trinket scored a job as a private detective with the world-renowned Herrick Agency. After Trinket had been there a couple of months, Katina tried to use the connection to get a job with the agency. Unfortunately during the interview, Katina accidentally summoned a demon named Manny, and he got the job instead. Manny, feeling a little guilty about the situation, got Katina a job at his friend’s head shop. To supplement her crappy pay from the shop, Katina decided to join M-Force. She recently graduated from the M-Force Academy, and by some quirk of the paperwork gods, Katina has been requested for a special assignment by none other than Mary Ann Mayes herself, M-Force‘s Chief of Operations.

Katina Lasalle
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Ocultist (11)

M-Force Magic Specialist (9)

Weird Luck (14)
Weird Luck (14)
Other Game Information
Pop Culture +3

Discordianism +1

Petty Theft +1

Emergency Driving +1

Tag Line “I could whip up a spell for that, but I’d need some Belladonna and an Etch-A-Sketch.” WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Due to a clerical error, Katina has a Masters Degree in Particle Physics from M.I.T. Presumably the Katina LaSalle who actually earned the degree got Katina’s Space Ghost Fan Club membership. Thora Birch
Currently works at a used CD Shop owned by Marc Price ("Skippy" from Family Ties)
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