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Accountant, Actor/Actress, Barber, Cab Driver, Civil Servant, Clerk, Cop, Doctor, EMT, Fireman, Florist, Fry Cook, Hippie, Landscaper, Librarian, Mechanic, M-Forcer, Musician, Occult Bookstore Owner, Pizza Delivery Driver, Private Detective, Professor, Scientist, Student, Waiter/Waitress, Writer,

M-Forcer Jobs

Accountant, Administrative Officer, Agent In Charge, Analyst, Close Combat Specialist, Combat Diver, Community Relations Officer, Containment Specialist, Councilor, Experimental Operations Agent, Field Agent, Grunt, Junior M-Force Leader, Legal Advisor, Librarian, Maritime Agent, Medic, Monster Expert, Occult Expert, Office Historian, Oversight Investigator, Police Liaison, Press Officer, Probationary Agent, Public Relations, Probationary Agent, Receptionist, Recruiter, Researcher, Scene Investigator, Sharp Shooter, Special Collections Agent, Supply Officer, Team Leader, Team Spokesperson, Tech Guy, Training Officer, Tracker, Transport Specialist, Vehicle Specialist, Watch Officer, Weapons Specialist, Witness Liaison


Animal Empathy, Babe/Stud, Born Leader, Citizen of the World, Contacts, Clue Magnet, Duct Tape & Chicken Wire, Eagle Eyes, Empathy, Escape Artist, Everybody's Buddy, Famous, Fast Healer, Fearless, Friends In High Places, Green Thumb, Hard to Kill, Hide in Plain Sight, Intuition, Iron Will, I've Seen Worse, Filthy Rich, Kind Ear, King of the Road, Lifetime of Experience, Lightning Reflexes, Local Hero, Lucky, Master of Research, Mr. Fix-It, Pinball Wizard, Prepared, Strong As An Ox, Thug, Tough, Weird Science, Well-Read,


Absent-Minded, Achilles' Heel, Addiction, Bad Reputation, Clumsy, Code of Honor, Coward, Dirt Poor, Enemy, Famous, Flashbacks, Getting Old, Good Samaritan, Gullible, Handicapped, Heart of Gold, Learning Disability, Longhair, Obligations, Overconfidence, Phobia, Psychological Problems, Punching Bag, Redneck, Strange Vehicle Magnet, Ugly As Sin, Uneducated, Unlucky, Victim of the Past, Weak Stomach, Weakling,


“21 Jump Street” Lore, Archery, Aromatherapy, Astronomy, Bartending, Baseball Card Collecting, Basket Weaving, Brawling, Card Tricks, Ceramics, Chainsaw Fighting, Climbing, Communications, Computers, Conspiracy Theory, Crowd Control, Deadhead, Differential Equations, Driving, Electronics, Emergency Driving, Environmental Awareness, Exotic Dancing, Fencing, Firearms, First Aid, Fishing, Flipping Burgers, Flying Disk Sports, Good with Tools, Gambling, Golf, Grenades, Gymnastics, Haggling, Heavy Weapons, Horseback Riding, Hungarian Literature, Ice Skating, Internet Junkie, Investigation, Jack T. Chick Appreciation, Juggling, Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing, Kickboxing, Knows Way Too Much About Chuck Dixon, Kung Fu Fighting, Limericks, M-Force Administration, Monsterology, Monster Detection & Tracking Technology, Movie Trivia, Mr. T Fan Club Member, Norse Mythology, Origami, Panhandling, Pet Owner, Photography, Quail Hunting, Register Jockey, Research, Seduction, Search & Rescue, Self Defense, Sewing, Slam Dancing, Snappy Dresser, Specialty Weapons, Surveillance, Sword Swallowing, Tactics, Topiary, Trekkie, Ukrainian History, Video Games, Violin, Whale Watching, Yiddish, Zoroastrianism,


David Arquette, Nicholas Brendan, Bruce Campbell, Neve Campbell, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Lance Henrickson, Mila Jovavich, Havey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Roddy McDowell, Sarah Polly, Kurt Russel, Tom Savini, Quentin Tarantino,

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