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Welcome to the Hex Games Wiki

The Hex Wiki serves as a resource for fans of the QAGS game system and the fictons described in Hex Games' products. It's also a place where people can share their ideas with other people who enjoy the same kinds of games. Anyone is welcome to add to the wiki, but please do not cut and paste text from existing Hex products (or any other copyrighted sources, for that matter) without permission. These are copyrighted works and it's up to the individual creator to decide how much of a product he or she wants to share on the wiki. Our other rules here are obvious: no spamming, no vandalism, and generally try to act like a responsible human being.

For organizational purposes, we've divided the Wiki into six general sections:


This section of the page is for information about the QAGS system, especially the rules. If you've come up with a good magic system, rules for building gadgets, or a new way of handling super powers, this is where it should go.

The Hex Ficton

This section is all about the Hex Ficton, which is the default game world where many Hex Games take place. If you want to tell us about your group's M-Force office, describe a new clique at Fort High, or submit a mystery for the Herrick Agency to solve, put it in this section.

Other Settings

This section is for games not set in the ficton, including HappilyEverAfter, Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown, and Qerth.


This section is for tips, hints, and ideas that related to a specific genre. For example, if you've got tips on running an action game, post them here. Rules information should be tagged with the appropriate genre as well as the QAGS Category.


This category puts all of the organizations discussed on the wiki in one place. Most organizations are further sub-categorized according to setting.


Like the Organizations category, this one is just a way to get all of the characters in one place. Characters should also be tagged to fit the organization, genre, or setting where they belong.

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