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Pete is a 59 year old man with short, curly gray hair and a short goatee. He enjoys wearing old army coats and floppy hats.

Pete Gundersen
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
M-Force Veteran (14)

Pet Cemetery Caretaker (13)

Lifetime of Experience (14)
Getting Too Old For This (14)
Other Game Information
Shotgun +2

Taxidermy +4

Karaoke +2

Army Stuff +2

First Aid +1

Tag Line "This reminds me of the one time back in '89..." WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Once killed a pack of Hecklestimps with a riding lawnmower Tom Waits
Pete Gundersen is 59 years old and secretly dreading his 60th birthday. Pete served in Viet Nam with the army. He was a clerk and only saw a little bit of combat. Pete has worked the “Loyal Eternity” pet cemetery ever since he returned from Nam in 1974. He took full ownership the business fully in 1987 when his father retired. Pete hates that Steven King book and is tired of people mentioning it, thankyouverymuch. Both of Pete's parents are dead. He has two living siblings. His brother Dave (65) is a doctor in Silver Springs. His sister Jane (53) is a radical feminist cartoonist in St. Louis. His younger brother Paul died of cancer in 2006. Pete was married to his wife Josie for 30 years. She died in 2004 when she was run over by a runaway ox cart at a local Renaissance festival. Pete has two daughters. His oldest, Esther (32) is single and works as a teacher in Boulder. His youngest, Polly (29) married a new-age music producer named Prospero and moved to Dallas. Pete does not care for her husband. Pete has no grandchildren, which kind of bums him out. Pete smoked Salems for over 30 years but quit overnight when his brother got the cancer. He eats Twizzlers to compensate. In his spare time, Pete is an amateur taxidermist. He is recreating the Battle of Gettysburg with squirrels in his garage. Pete drives a big green pickup truck with “Loyal Eternity” stenciled on the side. Every Thursday, Pete sings Karaoke at a local bar. His rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” moves people to tears. Pete's three favorite musicians are Johnny Cash, Blue Oyster Cult, and MC5. Pete is a 25 year veteran of M-Force. He joined up after a nest of Omega Ants made their home on his land. Pete plans on retiring from M-Force in six months, selling the pet cemetery, and moving to San Francisco.

Created by Joshua LH Burnett

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