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Roger has that square-jawed rugged handsomeness of the classic hero. His dirty blonde hair blows in the wind, above piercing blue eyes. He wears a ragged shirt under a well-worn coat and faded blue jeans with boots.

Roger "White Elephant" Black
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Hobomancer (14)

Milkman (1)

Lightning’ Reflexes (14)
Bull Magnet (14)
Other Game Information
Hobo Power: Champion

Vow: “To never to outrageously nor murder, and always repudiate treason; also, by no mean to be cruel, but to give mercy unto him that sketch mercy, upon pain of forteiture of his life for evermore; and always to do ladies, damsels, and gentlewomen succor upon pain of death. Also, that no man take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law, ne for no world’s goods.” (From Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur)

The Blues 0

Bad Mojo 0

Everything is a Weapon +3

Gaelic +2

Jailhouse Lawyer +1

Tag Line "Gluais faicilleach le cupan làn." (Go carefully with a full cup.) WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Was a milkman yet is lactose intolerant George Sanders
Roger’s father was an aficianado of the legends of King Arthur and taught his son that honor and service and duty were paramount.

Roger grew up defending the weaker children in his neighborhood against the local bullies. He wanted to become a police officer but that dream was sidetracked when his father died when he was 12.

He went to work as a milkman and developed strength and stamina, as well as nerves of steel. After the company he worked for went out of business, Roger decided to travel the U.S., helping people like the knights of old.

He fell in with Duck Sleepin Dixon early on and became a hobomancer, specializing in fighting evil monsters.

(Character built using 100 YY)

Created by User:BabbageCliologic

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