Samantha 'Houston Sam' Galbraith

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“Houston Sam” is a short and skinny man, wearing a grey shirt and suit. The pants look like Houston Sam outgrew them years ago as they are very high-water, exposing skinny ankles,

Samantha “Houston Sam" Galbraith
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Hobomancer (12)

Vaudeville Entertainer (2)

Master of Disguise (10)

Trustworthy Face (10)

Glass Jaw (10)

Monster Magnet (10)

Other Game Information
Hobo Power: Channeler

Vow: “For the love of God and Christ and our common salvation, from this day onwards, as God will give me the wisdom and power, I shall protect my brother and sister hobomancers, with aid or anything else, as one ought to protect one’s brother or sister, so that they may do the same for me, and I shall never knowingly make any covenant with powers that would harm my brother and sister hobomancers.” (variation on the Oaths of Strasbourg)

The Blues 0

Bad Mojo 0

Walk like a Man, Talk like a Man +3

Cooking +2

Can shoot straight if don’t have to shoot too far +1

Tag Line "The rails will never be the same." WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Once disguised herself as the Mayor of Cincinatti a young Marjorie Main
Samantha Galbraith was raised in an entertainer family, traveling the U.S. as a child, acting as both girls and boys in the classic plays of Western Civilization.

Her parents tried to further their theatrical status by marrying Samantha to their protege, a cruel man Samantha didn’t and couldn't love.

After all the years of makeup and acting experience, Samantha realized she could escape the plans her parents made and make her own way. So she took one of her father’s old grey suits and created “Houston Sam,” a young man looking for work.

Within two weeks riding the rails, she encountered a troll and was almost killed by it, except two hobomancers, Roger White Elephant Black and Treefrog Neck Felix, intervened and destroyed the beast.

Sam travelled with them for the next couple of years, learning the skills to become a hobomancer. Her trusted friends know she’s a woman but she rarely lets others know, using her acting skills to get by as a young man.

(Character built using 100 YY)

Created by User:BabbageCliologic

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