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Samantha Saturn is completely human, with no paranormal or magical abilities whatsoever. She was a normal, fairly popular student at Midtown High in Hillcrest, Indiana, when she began hiring herself out as a detective. She located stolen goods, exposed cheating boyfriends, and occasionally helped the administration track down petty criminals. The other students respected her abilities but increasingly avoided her socially. When Samantha expanded her focus beyond the school, solving real crimes, she became a local celebrity. The press dubbed her "Hillcrest's girl detective," and depicted her as a spunky, all-American girl who kept their quiet, all-American town clean. Then Samantha exposed the mayor's role in the murder of a prostitute, leading to a lengthy trial and the destruction of Hillcrest's selfimage. The press, and Samantha's peers, completely shunned her.

Seeking a second chance for their daughter, Samantha's parents sent her to a private school. She fit in and got along well with her classmates, for about two weeks, until she revealed that the school principal was taking money from drug dealers. The principal was arrested but Samantha was expelled. Samantha bounced from school to school until an administrator told her parents about the Paradigm program, and how Samantha might qualify under the "possession of certain intangible characteristics" clause. Desperate to find a place where Samantha wouldn't cause too much trouble, they enrolled her in Charles Fort High.

When Samantha first transferred, many of the other students scoffed at the "Norma" with no special powers. Clyde Finnegan in particular enjoyed taunting Samantha, until the day that embarrassing video appeared on YouTube and ruined his reputation. Samantha is smart, friendly, and funny, and does not go out of her way to make enemies. She possesses a keen sense of justice, however, and a powerful drive to crush her enemies. Her ability to uncover any secret, to dig up dirt on anyone, has earned her the respect of her classmates, even as they have learned to fear her.

Samantha appears as a sample character in Weird Times at Charles Fort High

Samantha Saturn
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Teen Detective (16)
Always Gets the Last Word (14)
Overly Suspicious of Everyone (10)
Other Game Information
Flaw: Feared by Students and Teachers Alike -2

Junior (100YY Character)

Humiliate All-Stars +3

Surveillance +3

Tag Line "I'll find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you for the normal price, but if you want me to publicly humiliate him, that'll cost extra." WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Has a secret crush on Hunter Lenti. Kristen Bell

Created by Leighton Connor

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