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Actor, Alien Princess, Archaeologist, Bounty Hunter, Business Executive, Con-Man, Corporate Ninja, Doctor, Eager Young Space Cadet, Engineer, Evil Space Lawyer, Explorer, First Contact Ambassador, Gravitonium Prospector, Hacker, Hitchhiker, Inventor, Journalist, Media-Web Star, Merchant, Miner, Musician, Officer, Paladin, Pilot, Physicist, Pirate, Priest, Psychiatrist, Sector Ranger, Scientist, Slave Girl, Smuggler, Soldier, Space Bandito, Space Trucker, Stellar Cartographer, Thief, Traveling Folk-Singer, Xenobiologist


Bending, Biofeedback, Decentralized Nervous System, Emotionless, Empathy, Energy Vampire, Extendable Limbs, Faith Healing, Far-Seeing, Fearless, Gender Switching, Intimidating Reputation, Lots of Tentacles, Machine Control, Made of Gas, Many Wonderful Attachments, Massive Database of Somewhat-Useful Knowledge, Mind Control, Orgone Manipulation, Pheremones, Precognition, Psychic Blast, Psychokinesis, Psychometry, Pyrokinesis, Quick Draw, Really Big, Sex Appeal, Shapeshifting, Sturdy Construction, Teeny Tiny, Telepathy, Transform Into Motorcycle, Vacuum Adapted, Wealthy, Well-Connected, Wings


Breathes Chlorine, Burns in Sunlight, Cannot Survive Temperatures Above Absolute Zero, Code of Honor, Constrained By Hive Mind, Disdain for Organic Life, Disgusting Reproductive Habits, Emotionless, Enemies, Explodes at Inconvenient Times, Frail, Greedy, Hideous By All Standards of Beauty, Hunted, Illogical, Insanity, Legacy Operating System, Lethal Reproductive Methods, Made of Gas, Mental Problems, Oratory, Paranoid, Planned Obsolescence, Plot Magnet, Really Big, Rusty, Strict Asimov Programming, Suicidally Loyal, Superstitious, Swordplay, Teeny Tiny, Untrustworthy, Vulnerable to Logical Paradoxes,


Astronavigation, Blaster, Business Law, Claws, Dancing, Eavesdropping, Engineering, Fast Talk, Guns, Heroic Posturing, Intimidation, Looting, Natural Armor, Pilot, Religion, Teeth, Sarcastic Retort, Scheming, Stealth, Swordplay, Tracking, Zero-G Maneuvers,


Jessica Alba, Rowan Atkinson, Johnny Depp, Jack Elam, Brendan Fraser, Monique Gabrielle, Gil Gerard, Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell, Jeffrey Tambor, Colin Thomas, Mark Wing-Davey

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