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Receptionist, New Orleans Office

Up until 3 years ago, Sherry Bowamn had the perfect life. Her husband, Mark, was a successful real estate agent, allowing her to stay at home and raise their two darling sons, Cody and Austin. But then Jesus called Mark home (by way of a grisly car crash) and Sherry had no choice but to go to work to make ends meet. Luckily, M-Force had an opening for a receptionist. Sherry has had the basic M-Force training recommended for civilian employees, but she feels that monster hunting is unbecoming a good Christian woman like herself and has zero interest in fighting monsters.

Sherry is extremely religious and never misses a chance to tell people how they can "get right with The Lord." She attends the Holy Gospel Hallelujah Church of Jesus, an evangelical Southern Baptist megachurch at least twice a week and rarely makes it through a whole conversation without sharing some insight, words of wisdom, or anecdote from Brother Joshua Jeremiah Miracle, the church's pastor. After Mark died, Sherry's Aunt Doreen moved in to help her with the children, but Sherry is not shy about the fact that she's looking to re-marry if she can find a good Christian man.

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