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Space Monkey (Dmitri IV)
Body.gif BODY
10 (10)
Brain.gif BRAIN
24 (10)
Nerve.gif NERVE
10 (10)
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Former Cosmonaut (12)

Hyperintelligent Monkey (16)

He's a Monkey (19)
Alcoholic (14)

He's a Freakin Monkey (19)

Other Game Information
Captain of the Hall of Cosmonauts.
Science +5

Deduction +4 Booze Lore +3

Tag Line "I'm not a #*%^ing spider monkey! I'm a squirrel monkey! Saimiri sciureus, you idiot human!!" WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact A hero of the former soviet union. There's a statue erected of him and everything. Guy in a monkey suit
Dmitri the Fourth was a test monkey for the early Cosmonaut program in the then-USSR, who flew into space on a top-secret test flight of a planned-solar powered espionage network. Abandoned and left to die in space after the test, Dmitri ran into the Cosmic Rays, forever changing him into the hyperintelligent sentient being he is today. Though greeted in propaganda as a hero of the USSR, even receiving the highest medals from the state and a statue in Red Square, Dmitri's inability to connect with his own species and humans - a result of his intelligence, and his remembrance of being left to die, left him bitter and began a slow downword spiral into extreme alcoholism. Left penniless and shamed, he made his way to Paradigm City, where his past performance would lend it's name to the hero team the Hall of Cosmonauts.

Dmitri has met many individuals in his adventuring, but some have had a recurring role in his life. Most prominately is his sometimes-friendship/sometimes-hatred of Booze Hound, a sentient dog who shares the love of the bottle. Dmitri's rogue's gallery of villains include numerous other animals, such as Gorilla Gus, Cyro Chicken, Clint Beastwood, Tsarzan, Soberman Pincher, and Professor Hawk (a hawk imbued with the mind of Stephen Hawking). In his personal life, Dmitri has a way with beautiful women and is very much sexually active, causing many akward moments with fellow Hall of Cosmonaut Captain Condom.

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