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Training Officer, New Orleans Office

Ted Neiman grew up in St. Louis and went to Georgia State University, where he studied Exercise Science, on a football scholarship. While he was a good player, by his junior year he'd given up his dreams of turning pro. After graduation, Ted worked at a gym for a few years and eventually got a job teaching high school P.E., where he also served on the coaching staff for most of the school's sports teams. In 2001, the football team's bus was attacked by a horde of goblins. There were several injuries, but fortunately no fatalities.

Ted joined M-Force the next morning and by 2003 he was working for the Atlanta Regional Office full time as a training instructor. When the New Orleans Training Officer, Phillipe Campos, was killed during Katrina rescue operations, Ted was transferred there to fill the position.

Ted is not especially popular with the locals, not so much because he's an outsider as because he's kind of a dick. Since he's from the regional office, he expects to be treated as an authority on all things M-Force, and gets annoyed when he feels people aren't showing him the proper respect. To make matters worse, he's had limited field experience and doesn't understand that missions don't always play out like they do in the training exercises. For his part, Ted doesn't see how the New Orleans office can operate with such limited resources and so little discipline.

Ted is single, but has been living with his current girlfriend, a hotel manager named Heather, for a little over two years. He spends most of his free time working out, watching sports, and playing video games (mostly first-person shooters).

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