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Thorne dresses in a mish-mash of styles gathered from his travels. His patchwork leather vest shows a gypsy influence, while his colorful (now faded and patched) silk shirts reveal his history as a Vancian merchant. He has a fondness for jewelry from many lands. Any softness he may have had as a decadent merchant son has been burned away by years on the road.

Thorne of Vancia
Body.gif BODY
Brain.gif BRAIN
Nerve.gif NERVE
Hp.gif Health Points
Yy.gif Yum Yums
Vagabond (14)
Magical Dabbler (11)
Hedonist (11)
Other Game Information
Vagabond - Thorne is a travelling rogue, familiar with the roads and landscape of the world. As a adventuring wayfarer, he knows his way around Vekros and is handy with a blade (the roads of Vekros are quite dangerous, after all).

Magical Dabbler – Between theory at university and practice with Vartran, Thorne knows just enough about sorcery to be dangerous to himself and others. With enough time and luck (and probably Yum Yums) Thorne can occasionally dredge up a useful cantrip or some small talisman of Vartran's that he hasn't gambled away yet.

Hedonist – Thorne finds it hard to pass up any chance to get drunk, stoned, or laid.

Swordplay +3

Fast Talk +2

Scimitar +2

Trading +1

Tag Line "Style beats skill nine times out of ten." WWPHITM?
Dumb Fact Has a tattoo of a fish on his leg that he doesn't remember getting. Robert Downey Jr.
Thorne is the youngest son of the Vancian merchant family, Dion. As the youngest, Dion ap Thorne was sent to one of Vancia's more disrespectable Universities, ostensibly to study philosophy. Thorne proved to be a poor student, spending more time in the local taverns and opium dens than he did in the library. He continually failed in all his studies except for fencing, in which he excelled. A dueling accident in which Thorne killed an instructor gave the university elders a reason to remove the unruly student.

Returning home, Thorne discovered that his entire family had been murdered by assassins from a rival family. This is not an uncommon business practice in Vancia, and Thorne would be the first to admit that his family was composed of throughly unlikable people. His the family lands forfeit and, most likely, a price on his head, Thorne hit the road, deciding to see what the rest of the world had to offer.

For a brief period of time, Thorne served as an apprentice to the sorcerer Vartran the Mad in the land of Thuul. Again, Thorne was a lackluster student and one night, bored, he stole Vartrans' collection of scrolls and magical gewgaws and disappeared into the night. Vartran is probably still looking for him.

Thorne prefers to fight with a scimitar because a girl he liked once told him it looked exotic. Despite the stories he tells, Thorne has never actually been a pirate.

Created by Joshua LH Burnett

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