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Maritime Agent, New Orleans Office

"Son, we already gotta kill critters ever now and then. We might as well get paid for it."

Those were the words that Homer Dupree used to suggest to his twin brother Virgil that they join M-Force. As usual, Virgil went along with him and they've both been M-Force agents ever since. When they're not fighting monsters, the Dupree brothers run Bayou Tours. Homer's the customer service man and pilot and Virgil drives the boats, figures out the routes (he knows the bayou like the back of his hand), and handles most of the day-to-day business details.

Virgil, like his brother, is the very definition of "swampbilly," but is more laid back and less talkative than Homer (possibly because Homer never shuts up long enough for him to say anything). While he occasionally joins Homer at the bar to have a beer or watch a race, Virgil would usually rather be fishing somewhere deep in the swamp.

Virgil is married to a woman named Nadine who nags him constantly. They have 7 children: Scarlett, Virgil Jr., Bud, Elvis, Crystal, Dale, and Brandine.

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