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This information on this page is covered under a Creative Commons license. Under the terms of the license, you are free to distribute and alter the material here for non-commercial use as long as you provide attribution and release your altered material under the same or a similar license. As with all licenses of this type, these restrictions can be waived with permission from the copyright holder, which is where we need to make a few distinctions.

Copyright Holders and Attribution

For locations, organizations, characters, and concepts that have previously appeared in a Hex product, demo game, article, or other form, the copyright holder is either Hex Games or the individual author/creator. That means that you should not post anything from existing Hex books, games, etc. (or from any non-Hex copyrighted work) here without permission from the creator. In other words, no matter how much you like that sample character from QAGS Fishin', you can't post it here without making sure it's ok with the author.

All unsigned material here is the intellectual property of Hex Games or one of its regular authors, and is used with permission. If you want to distribute or alter material that is unsigned, the attribution should go to Hex Games.

If an article or section here is signed, it is the intellectual property of the signing author or authors. Attribution should be to the author. We would appreciate it if you also mention the Hex Wiki, but you're under no obligation to do so.

Signing Material

You can only sign material if you created that material (and we have ways of checking that). Unsigned pages or additions to existing pages become the property of Hex Games or the original copyright holder.

We don't want every other sentence to have a signature, so please do not sign minor changes. If your contribution isn't big enough to warrant at least its own section, it is considered a minor change and becomes the intellectual property of the original copyright holder. So if you can't stand the idea that you might not get credit for specifying that the walls of the Fort High math classroom are green, your best bet is probably to skip adding that detail to the Wiki (and possibly seek counseling of some sort).

Use in Hex Products

Obviously, a lot of the material here is already the intellectual property of Hex Games or one of its authors, so we can give ourselves permission to use it in our products. This includes minor changes to existing pages. For example, if we want to include one of the Big Lists of Words in a product, we're not going to go back and see who added every single word and get permission. If you insist on getting credit for adding "Rifle" to the list of War Words, please see a certified mental health specialist.

If your contribution is big enough to rate signing (see above), and you signed it, we'll only use it with your permission.