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New Orleans Office Agent In Charge


Rick Kershaw spent most of his life in his home town of Pensacola, Florida, where he was a police officer for nearly 20 years. In the early 1990s, he joined the city's newly-established M-Force local office, leaving the police force to become a full-time agent in 1995. In 2000, he relocated to New Orleans to replace the office's retiring Agent In Charge.

Rick's wife, Linda, had never really like the idea of her husband working for M-Force. The way she saw it, police work was dangerous, but monster hunting was downright suicidal. To make things worse, she hated New Orleans and resented the long hours Rick's new position required him to work. When the city was being evacuated during Hurricane Katrina, Rick told Linda that he planned to stay in town to help with rescue operations. When Linda heard this, she threatened to leave Rick if he didn't come with her. He stayed in New Orleans, and she made good on her threat, eventually moving back to Florida.

The loss of his wife, the deaths of three good agents (not to mention the loss of all the agents who still haven't moved back to New Orleans), and the destruction of M-Force's headquarters took their toll on Rick. He's been moody and depressed ever since the flood, and at least a few of his fellow M-Forcers believe he has a drinking problem. The only things that seem to bring him any enjoyment are Gators football and occasional visits from his children. Rick currently lives in a FEMA trailer behind the shell of his old house.

Rick spends most of his day looking for ways to fund the effort to rebuild the office and navigating the bureaucracies of the various historical societies and government agencies that seemingly have to approve every aspect of the renovation of Snopes House.

Rick has three grown children. His oldest son, Kyle, is a chemical engineer who lives in Cincinnati with his wife Sarah and two-year old son, Michael. His daughter, Rebecca, is in her third year at Vanderbilt University. Dave, the youngest, is a roadie for Springsteen.

WWPHITM? Robert Patrick (Think David Scatino in The Sopranos--after Tony screws him over)