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To insert a character sheet into your page, cut and paste the code below and replace the placeholder text with your information. Delete any placeholders you don't need, but leave the information before the "=". If you have more than 2 Jobs, Gimmicks, Weaknesses, or Skills, you'll need to leave a blank line after the second Word and each Word that follows. Otherwise the formatting won't work properly. Make sure to include Category information at the bottom of the page for all appropriate categories. (Delete the "Hex Ficton" category if you don't need it).

|Name = Character Name
|Description = A description of the character. 
|Body = XX
|Brain = XX
|Nerve = XX
|hp = XX
|yy = XX
|Jobs = Job 1 (XX)
Job 2 (XX)
|Gimmicks = Gimmick 1 (XX)
Gimmick 2 (XX)
|Weaknesses = Weakness 2(XX)
Weakness 2 (XX)
|Skills = Skill 1 +X
Skill 2 +X

Skill 3 +X

Skill 4 +X
|OGI= Other Game Information
|Tag = Tag Line
|Fact = Dumb Fact
|Notes= Anything else you'd like to add about the character
[[Category: Ficton Characters]]