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QAGS Second Edition

QAGS Second Edition Cover

Want to spend more time gaming and less time calculating? Want to make a character rather than a walking equipment stash? Want a game that lets you have more fun in more genres for less money? With the Quick Ass Game System, you can create any character from any genre and start playing almost immediately. Pirates? Check! Ninjas? Done! Occult detectives? Easy! Romantic poets? Fast, simple, and fun!

QAGS Second Edition is perfect for newcomers looking for a story-friendly gaming system and seasoned veterans who want more from their games. Most RPGs have experience points, but only QAGS lets you use Yum Yums–edible experience points–to improve your character and influence the game world.

QAGS 2E features updated character creation rules to make better characters, not walking stat boxes. Our Qik Start Genre Guides give you the rundown on 10 popular genres so you can start playing faster. Along with that, you get all new Sample of Play Theater entries, Brand New Stupid Acronyms (BNSA), selections from the popular and sold-out supplement Stuff: The Equipment Guide, the Fine Art of Role-Playing, complete conversion rules for bringing your obsolete first edition game up to speed, Dumb TablesTM, worksheets, a complete solo game, and adult humor that won’t get you thrown in jail.

QAGS Second Edition is recommended for mature readers.

“QAGS is about fast, fun and generally cinematic gaming. Most of all, it is about a group of players being able to say ‘Let’s play that Babylon 5-meets-Buffy-meets-Fear Factor-meets-Super Lesbian Troopers Seventeen game tonight…’ and then being able to create characters and a game within thirty minutes.”–Conan McKegg,

QAGS: Play better games. Have more fun!

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