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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i purchase hex products?

Look at the sidebar. It tells you almost everything you need to know. Most of our books are available in PDF and print format from DriveThruRPG. Indie Press Revolution has PDFs and some print books. Paizo just sells PDFs. If you’re looking for print copies of QAGS Second Edition, Steve has them listed on eBay. He’s also got some other Hex books–including some first edition QAGS products–as well as a bunch of comics and other crap you can buy.

When Will [Thing] be available?

Whenever we get around to it. We’re old and tired and busy and writing games is a hobby, not a day job.

Will You Be At [Con]?

Unless you’re asking about DieCon, GenCon, or Archon, probably not. As we mentioned in the previous answer, we’re old and tired.

Are you looking for writers/artists/editors/whatever?

Hex has switched over to a “creator does most of the work” model for new products, so the company isn’t currently looking for freelancers. If you want to work on a Hex product, your best bet is to befriend one of our regular game designers and let them know you’re willing to work cheap.

Will Hex Publish My Game?

Probably not. We’re not currently looking for outside submissions and with things like Kickstarter and Patreon, there’s no reason you can’t publish it yourself. If you want to use the QAGS system for your game, we make it easy. If you really want us to publish your game, contact us with a brief elevator pitch and we’ll let you know if we’re interested. Unsolicited submissions will not be read.

Can I publish a game using the QAGS system?

Yes you can. This page has more information about how to do it.

What if my questions isn’t answered here?

Contact us and we’ll do what we can.