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Laser Ponies (2nd Edition)

Laser Ponies 2E Cover

On a faraway magical world, the Laser Ponies romp, frolic, play, and, when necessary, shoot lasers out of their eyes. Only the Laser Ponies can defend the creatures of Glitter Valley from the wicked Chasm Queen and her army of monsters. Laser Ponies is the action-packed-yet-adorable cartoon you always wanted to see, filled with magic, wonder, and adventure, brought to life as a tabletop role-playing game for players of all ages!

This second edition of Laser Ponies, revised and greatly expanded from the original, includes:
• An overview of Laser Pony history, society, and their world
• Six sample characters, so new players can start immediately!
• Twenty monsters, animals, creatures, and NPCs for your games
• A complete adventure, “The Mystery of the Menacing Meteorite!”
• And so much more!

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