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Failing Upward

Failing Upward Cover

Failing Upward is an adaptable, universal narrative nanogame. This attractive tri-fold pamphlet provides a compact ruleset for nearly unlimited exploration of interactive fiction in a variety of genres, styles, and tones. In addition to the core mechanics, the game includes an expanded play option for advanced storytellers, along with innovative recommendations for solo play.

What people are saying about Failing Upward

“That layout is very pretty.”–Joshua LH Burnett (Leopard Women of Venus)

“Josh has made all my pertinent points.”–Carter Newton (Suicide’s Run: A Tale of the Hobomancers)

“I mean, this is good and all…”–Leighton Connor (Laser Ponies)

“Marxist garbage.”–Brock Doberman IV, West Harrisburg Warhammer Society

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