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Project 8Ball

Project 8Ball Cover

The life you know—your family, friends, job, everything—is a lie, a carefully-crafted web of memory implants and forged documents. You are not a random civilian; you are an agent of Project 8Ball, a government agency so secret that, at any given time, only 37 people know it exists.

As your false identity slips away you remember a terrible truth: The world is a shadowy cesspool of mystery and madness. Aliens, cryptids, parahumans, time travel, space gods, angels, all of them are real, and all of these extranormal elements endanger baseline consensus reality.

Your mission: Keep the world normal, even if you go mad doing it.

Project 8Ball is a game of weird conspiracy inspired by the works of David Lynch, Grant Morrison, and Philip K. Dick. Players take turns running game sessions and, working together, weave a web of mystery and wonder. This book includes:

• Rules for character creation, including sample character archetypes;
• Mechanics for action resolution;
• A complete adventure, “The S.T.A.B. Imperative”;
• Rules for the rotating Game Master system;
• Tips and tricks for GMs;
• Story hooks, random tables, and appendices;
• And more!

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