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Magic Moth Island

Magic Moth Island Cover

In the middle of the ocean lies a mysterious island covered with pools of sparkling green liquid. On this island many animals live in harmony. However, the peace is shattered when humans invade the island. The humans want to steal the island’s magical resources for themselves. Now the animals must work together to defend their home!

Magic Moth Island is an RPG based on the Caltrop Core game system, and includes:
*Eight character types (moth, frog, turtle, slug, etc.), each with their own special skills and powers!
*Flexible game rules, with helpful examples!
*A map and highlights of the island!
*Ten dangerous monsters, including the Avsocka (a cute tiny germ) and the Yaglaphoo (a big tree that can move on its own)!
*An overview of the three phases of a game session!
*And much more!

Magic Moth Island is the first RPG written and illustrated by Blumiere Connor (age 13) and Jackson Connor (age 10), along with their dad Leighton Connor (fully grown).

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