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Beowulf Vs. Grendel

Beowulf Vs. Grendel Cover

The greatest epic in English literature comes to life! For 12 years Grendel, that unhallowed wight, grim and greedy, wrathful and reckless, has rained ceaseless slaughter onto King Hrothgar’s land. Now Beowulf, that mighty man of valor, the prince of the Geats, and the greatest monster-hunter of all time, leads his team of hearty warriors across the sea to defend Hrothgar’s hall from Grendel. But even if Beowulf and his comrades can defeat Grendel, they will find that an even worse horror lies in wait.

Beowulf Vs. Grendel is a bone-crushing sword & sorcery adventure designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules. It includes character creation guidelines, tips for playing a legendary hero, monsters, a dungeon map, a summary of Beowulf, useful appendices, and more.

Beowulf Vs. Grendel is written by Leighton (GILGAMESH!) Connor, with illustrations and cartography by Joshua “Bernie the Flumph” Burnett.

Slaughter monstrous hordes. Have more fun!

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