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The Book of Dumb Tables 2

The Book of Dumb Tables 2

Are you plagued by indecision? Do you want to play a role-playing game, but you just can’t decide on a premise, plot, or characters? Or maybe you have a game in progress, but it’s gotten too predictable. Either way, we have the solution: pick up a twenty-sided die and start rolling on some random tables.

The fine folks who brought you The Book of Dumb Tables are now proud to present The Book of Dumb Tables 2. Though designed for use with QAGS, it is a valuable resource for pretty much any role-playing game. The Book of Dumb Tables 2 includes 65 tables, divided up in six categories: Game Premise, Characters, Locations, Stuff, Plot Elements, and Miscellaneous. Once you’ve got the premise and the characters figured out, bring your game to life with scene changers, traps and security measures, monster death scenes, Fortean phenomena, unusual magical traditions, unusual medical conditions, apocalyptic scenarios, small town festivals, shark stomach contents, and more. Plus, this volume includes a Happy D20 comic and the finest Nicolas Cage character generation tables you’ve ever seen.

The Book of Dumb Tables 2 is written by QAGS co-creator Steve Johnson and illustrated by Leighton Connor.

Get even more random. Have more fun!

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