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Tell Me About Your Character

Tell Me About Your Character Cover

Tell Me About Your Character is a character development resource that can be used with any role-playing game. Since so many games focus entirely on “the mission,” some gamers don’t really know where to start when it comes to creating three-dimensional characters. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Tell Me About Your Character is divided into two main sections: instructions and worksheets. It’s sort of like a tax booklet, but hopefully a lot more fun. There are three worksheets: the Character Information worksheet, which helps you flesh out your character’s background, goals, and personality; the Supporting Cast worksheet, where you provide information about the people your character knows; and the Game Preferences worksheet, which gives you a chance to let the GM know what kind of game you’re interested in playing. The bulk of the book gives guidelines for the worksheets and provides examples of both good and bad responses.

Tell Me About Your Character is written by Steve Johnson and illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett and Jeffrey Johnson.

Make better characters. Have more fun!

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