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Tales from the Lusty Unicorn

Ever since a band of hobbits teamed up with a grungy weirdo in the Prancing Pony, taverns have been a staple of fantasy fiction. The Silver Eel, The Vulgar Unicorn, The Inn of the Last Home, and countless other fine establishments give our favorite fantasy heroes a place to meet like-minded companions, get adventure leads from that old guy with the eye patch, and enjoy a warm meal and a cold brew in between dungeons. Tales from the Lusty Minotaur continues this proud tradition.

The Lusty Minotaur is a huge, centuries-old tavern that you can drop into any city in your fantasy campaign. The Minotaur serves the standard tavern role of giving RPG characters a place to form a party, hear rumors, and hang out, but is also filled with colorful characters and strange goings-on that can be used as a springboard for adventures that the PCs can enjoy without even having to settle their bar tab. The zine includes:
● A map of the Lusty Minotaur and descriptions of its history, facilities, and services.
● Character descriptions and stats for Minotaur staff and regulars.
● Rules for Fate’s Hand, a tarot-based card game that’s sort of like playing poker with a Deck of Many Things.
● Information about soulfaring to other planes of existence.
● Story hooks, rumors, and other adventure fodder.
● Random tables, because who doesn’t love random tables?

Tales from the Lusty Minotaur is designed to be as system agnostic as possible so you can use it with any game. Where stats are required, it uses the QAGS Second Edition (Q2E) game system. QAGS is a simple rules set with a d20 core mechanic, so conversion to other systems is quick and painless.

Tales from the Lusty Minotaur is written by Steve Johnson (QAGS Second Edition, Hobomancer) and features art by Joshua LH Burnett (Draugr & Draculas, Leopard Women of Venus), Leighton Connor (Laser Brigade, QAGS Second Edition), James Hornsby (Botched Spot, I Psi), Jeffrey Johnson (Hobomancer, Fratboys Vs.), and Juan Navarro (Tommy, Zombie Years).

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